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The DRIVING CAMP is a leading driving school that combines safety and emotions. Its goal is not to be a specific driving school for racing cars, nor does it focus on teaching students how to achieve speed records on racing tracks. The DRIVING CAMP is the right answer for people who want to learn how to have complete control over the vehicles they drive, in any situation and under any type of environmental conditions.

Taught by great instructors in a fun and entertaining environment, the DRIVING CAMP is built around the concept of ACTIVE DRIVING, a unique method of recognizing and preventing any type of anomalous vehicle behavior in potentially dangerous situations. The DRIVING CAMP uses a unique teaching method in its program. Each exercise is closely related to the others, in a flow that increases the level of difficulty at every step. This method allows each driver to build up what we call their “curriculum” of driving knowledge and experience, which can easily be recalled once the course is over..

Another fundamental and extremely important aspect of the DRIVING CAMP is its team of carefully selected driving instructors. Many are professional drivers who are still racing competitively. The instructors have gone through a rigorous process of selection that focuses not only on their experience in racing but, more importantly, on their ability to communicate with others and teach.

Through ACTIVE DRIVING your skills at the wheel and feeling for the vehicle you drive will experience a great boost. You will learn much more than just driving techniques, putting into practice a wide range of driving intelligence that will stay with you a lifetime. You will also develop what we call the “ACTIVE DRIVING attitude” that will ensure that your pleasure of driving will reach new heights.